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Clearly, this is a movie that is resonating with moviegoers around the globe," said Warners domestic distribution president Jeff Goldstein. “‘Doc’ Marston has long been an advocate of the right type of comic magazines,” he explained. Whether it's Gadot herself or talented stunt actors, she shines in battle -- as do her Amazon relatives, particularly Wright as Antiope, the leader of the Amazonian army. In episode after episode, Wonder Woman is chained, bound, gagged, lassoed, tied, fettered and manacled. Wonder Woman beat out the openings of the first two Thor and Captain America movies, as well as the first Iron Man. “After all I have devoted my entire life to working out psychological principles. Between these runs a short chain, about the length of a handcuff chain—this is what compels her to clasp her hands together. Diana/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is often naive, but she's clearly the heroine of the story, and her interest in saving people means she acts bravely and selflessly, setting an example for others. He was frantic unless medicated or “wearing a Superman cape.” He felt safe in it—he could fly away if he wanted to—and “he felt that the cape protected him from an assault.” Bender and Lourie concluded the comic books were “the folklore of this age,” and worked, culturally, the same way fables and fairy tales did. Both starring and directed by women, this is a surprisingly diverse superhero story with strong messages about teamwork, courage, and compassion. 1 debut in China with $38 million.

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“Unfortunately, that is true,” Marston admitted, but “when a lovely heroine is bound to the stake, comics followers are sure that the rescue will arrive in the nick of time. Imax theaters accounted for $18.3 million globally — the third biggest launch for a DC Comics film — including $9 million domestically. Wonder Woman snagged the fourth-best Warner Bros opening in both China and Mexico ($8.4 million). She insisted on calling herself Shiera, after a comic-book girl who is always rescued at the last minute by the Flash. Rarely has any film truly given women (or anyone, for the matter) a strong female protagonist who does not pander but exhibits excellence in well-developed strength of character and a complete eruption of the fantasies of many women to rise up to serve and protect. The previous record-holder for top opening for a female helmer was Sam Taylor-Johnson's Fifty Shades of Grey, not adjusting for inflation. The chain runs taut between her teeth and the wall, where it is locked to a steel ring bolt.” In episode after episode, Wonder Woman is chained, bound, gagged, lassoed, tied, fettered and manacled.

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